Everything happens with the click of a button. You don’t need appointments; you need accountability. You need to show up at the gym when it’s convenient for you and not at 6 am. Our programs are as simple as press play but as elegant as a tailored fitting. We’re not talking grunts and bulky but sexy, sophisticated, and confident. The Salubrity is the exercise experience you’ve never had because academic research supports all of our decisions coupled with 13 years of real world experiences.


Finally, the way to have it all, uniquely crafted just for you.


What We Do


The easiest and most elegant way to get in a hard workout. Click here to learn more and see if you’re a perfect fit.




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Summer’s Second Chance


If you’re obsessed about losing weight for the summer be obsessed about it now. Find out how.


In Their Words


“I listened and followed everything Joe advised me to do. The weight was coming off in no time. I lost over 22 pounds and my body fat went from 29 percent to 16 percent.”  Laurie





Joseph Brigley,

Graduate Student & Online Fitness Coach